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Did you know that the early Native Americans believed hair to be an extension of your spirit and soul, connecting you to Mother Earth with its downwards growth? Women have been known to indulge in endless treatments, hacks, and techniques to keep their long lustrous locks in pristine condition. Today, while we continue to ponder different hair therapies and their efficacy, one hair treatment you should be asking your stylist is what is botox hair treatment?

What Is Botox Hair Treatment?

what is botox hair treatment

Botox, also known as Botulinum Toxin (BTX), is derived from the bacterial toxin botulin. It can be best described as a non-chemical conditioning treatment suitable for all hair types for both men and women. It bathes your hair with ceramides, thus forming a protective barrier around it, and helps reduce frizziness, promoting healthy hair growth and repairing the damage to your hair.

Can Anyone Get Botox Hair Treatment?

Botox hair treatments are non-chemical treatments designed to meet the needs of men and women from different ethnicities. So, if your hair displays any of the following conditions, you can receive a botox hair treatment.

  • Hair with split ends
  • Dry and frizzy hair
  • Hair that has been damaged due to chemical procedures
  • Hair that is too thin or fine
  • Locks that lack volume
  • If you desire straightened hair

Benefits of Using Botox Hair Treatment

Compared to chemical formaldehyde keratin treatments that freeze your hair strands into a straight standing position, the key ingredients of hair botox deep conditioning treatment consists of antioxidants, Vitamin E, B5, caviar oil, and collagen. If applied properly, it not only makes your hair feel silky, smooth, and hydrated, but also offers several other benefits. Some of these include:

Collagen – A Great Source of Hair Protein

One of the key benefits that one should be aware of while understanding what botox hair treatment is, is that this therapy (irrespective of the brand) is essentially made out of collagen, a type of protein. This protein is as important for your hair as for the rest of your body. While a protein-rich diet may be beneficial for healthy hair growth, getting a botox hair treatment can drastically improve dry, damaged, frizzy, or even brittle strands. 

Helps in Fighting Against Free Radicals

Free radicals are compounds that develop in the human body due to environmental factors. These include air pollutants, active or passive smoking, alcohol consumption, and poor eating habits.

Moreover, as the human body ages, its defense mechanism starts weakening, thus losing the battle against free radicals and resulting in damaged hair follicles and aging hair. 

Luckily when you get a botox hair treatment, you equip your hair with the necessary antioxidants and vitamins to fight against these free radicals and mitigate the damage caused by them.

Glistening Moisture Laden Locks

We all know how important moisturizing is for maintaining healthy, beautiful locks. But while trying to understand botox hair treatment, it is imperative to realize that the composition of hair botox is such that it provides your hair with moisture and keeps your strands hydrated. Additionally, the deep conditioning treatment also aids in improving the elasticity of one’s hair, keeping it free from any breakage.

Types of Botox Hair Treatment

botox treatment

In addition to knowing what botox hair treatment is, you should also be aware of the types of therapies available: 

There are typically two types of botox hair treatment. These include:

Type One

The first is suitable for virgin hair free from botox. This treatment consists of a topical application designed to penetrate damaged hair to make it look shinier and healthier.

Type Two

The second type of hair botox treatment involves injecting botox into one’s scalp. This treatment isn’t FDA-approved due to the risk of muscle paralysis; still, it is widely used to gain long-lasting results.

Amongst the two, the topical treatment is more popular and widely accepted than others. However, botulinum toxin (Botox) should be used in small quantities to avoid side effects like migraines, excessive sweating, lazy eye, and difficulty swallowing.

What to Expect During a Typical Botox Hair Treatment Session

A hair botox treatment session using the topical conditioning application method is fairly simple. It begins with shampooing your hair to open your hair cuticles. Next, the hair botox is applied on wet hair, taking one strand at a time and massaging the conditioner from the roots of your hair to the tips. During the process, the hair is combed regularly to keep it straight and protect against entanglement. 

Once applied, the hair botox treatment is left on the hair for about 30 to 90 minutes depending upon the texture of your hair and the type of result required. Once the required time is up, stylists either rinse the product or allow it to dry before straightening the hair with a flat iron. 

Many stylists believe that leaving the treatment on your hair while straightening your hair allows the product to penetrate deeper into the hair strands due to the heat, thus achieving better and long-lasting results.

After the hair is straightened, a stylist may wash your hair if they didn’t before and blow-dry it to give the finishing touches. One of the best parts about getting a hair botox treatment is that you see the results almost immediately as soon as your hair is washed and dried.

What about Aftercare?

girl shampooing hair

Earlier on, when we talked about what botox hair treatment is, we discussed how it is a chemical-free procedure made out of collagen, antioxidants and other vitamins. Hence it does not cause any harm to your hair. However, using a flat straightening iron and the amount of heat it exudes can cause some damage. 

Thus, to ensure that this does not cause any harmful effects to your hair and that the treatment lasts longer, one needs to take certain precautionary measures for botoxed hair. These include:

  • Use a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo followed by deep conditioning to protect your hair from getting dry.
  • Investing in at-home hair masks and hair repair formulas and using them weekly. This mitigates the effects of any potential environmental damage or build-up in botox-treated hair.
  • Minimal use of heat-based styling products such as a blow dryer, flat iron, or hair curler. For special occasions where you have to style your hair try using a heat protectant spray to reduce damage and follow up with pampering your hair with a hair mask and leave in hair treatments.
  • Covering your hair with a scarf or a hat to protect it from harsh sun rays.

Is Hair Botox Expensive?

Now that you know what hair botox is and how it works as a much safer option compared to keratin treatment, it is important to realize that effective and safe treatments like these can be a bit expensive.

Generally, the cost of hair botox treatment largely depends on your hair’s length and location. However, the price range generally starts from $150 and moves upwards. Alternatively, many people now try purchasing the hair botox treatment and opt to do it themselves to save costs. But doing so can be risky since the application process requires the finesse of an experienced hand.

Nonetheless, if you are considering getting a hair botox treatment, then the best way to proceed is to make an appointment for a consultation at the salon first and then go ahead with the treatment.

Common Risks and Consideration

Although botox hair treatment injections are intended to strengthen and nourish your hair, many studies have indicated that it can sometimes cause adverse effects if used too frequently. 

  • If you are a regular hair botox user, try limiting the usage to 2-3 times a year to avoid damaging hair follicles or causing hair breakage and thinning.
  • Special attention must be paid to your aftercare treatment plan to prevent your hair from turning dry and frizzy again.
  • Unlike the topical treatment, hair botox injections can be quite costly.

The Bottom Line

Understanding botox hair treatment is crucial for anyone who is planning to get this type of therapy. Learning about what it is not only empowers you to fully reap all of its benefits, but also helps you decide whether this is the right treatment for your dry, damaged hair and if you can keep up with the costs and aftercare management.

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